MELD: Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development


Each of us is unique. We are shaped by our family origins and histories.  We are further shaped by our relationships, education and good and bad experiences.  What makes us unique--even our differences--is reason to celebrate. Yet, often our differences divide us.  People default to sameness and safe relationships. Differences in skin tone, culture, upbringing and values put us on edge. What was meant to be celebrated divides us. But change is possible.  Any team through recognizing and maximizing each teammate's uniqueness can be transformed into a high performance team. Today's coaches and student athletes need tools to thrive in our racially diverse world. MELD can give you tools for success.

WHY MELD: Athletics

Coaches and student-athletes are on the front lines and in the public eye. Today's tense social environments challenge us to develop racially-aware coaches and student-athletes who are prepared to thrive in our racially diverse world.

Give them the tools they need. 

WHY MELD: Corporate

Professionals and leaders in the workplace have so many taboo issues that can seem like avoided topics you don't dare to share with colleagues. More often being racially-aware is not part of the job description, but what if that changed! MELD helps workers to thrive in our racially diverse world.


MELD works directly with NCAA athletic departments as well as non-profits to develop a training plan that creates an environment for people to succeed. For four decades, we have trained and coached others to be racial reconcilers where they live and work.

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Paul Tokunaga



Colleen Caskey



Juliann Mancini



Paul Tokunaga

Paul's Background

Paul Tokunaga, Founder and President of MELD, LLC, brings 40+ years of hands-on multi-ethnic leadership development training, coaching and consulting with organizations throughout the United States.. Paul is a third-generation Japanese American from San Jose, California.  He was an undergraduate student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where he earned a B.S. of Journalism.  He was awarded the C.G. Young Award by the university president as the outstanding graduate in his class. Paul went on to earn a Masters of Christian Studies at New College Berkeley.

Paul’s biggest assignments have come from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, for whom he has served since 1973 in a variety of leadership and management roles, including National Asian American Ministry Coordinator for 14 years. Most recently he has been the Vice-President, Director of Strategic Ministries, for nine years. InterVarsity is a $110 million non-profit, employing 1600 throughout the United States.

Paul is a Certified Facilitator in Cultural Intelligence  (CQ) and Unconscious Bias by the Cultural Intelligence Center and was certified as a conflict mediator by the Conflict Resolution Academy.

He and his wife Margaret recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary. They have an adult son, Sam. They all reside in Atlanta.

Author and Speaker

Paul is a co-author of two multi-ethnic leadership books as well as the author of Invitation to Lead: Guidance for Emerging Asian American Leaders, now in its 10th printing. Paul is a sought-after speaker to audiences of 18 to 18,000 on subjects of multi-ethnicity, diversity in the workplace, and developing high potential leaders.

The Daniel Project

He was the lead creator of InterVarsity's Daniel Project and Prospective Senior Leaders Cohort, two 15-month intensive leadership programs to prepare potential senior leaders. Since 2003, 12 Daniel Project cohorts have been run with 137 mid-level managers trained.  Well over half of these are ethnic minorities and women. Of fourteen recent appointed internal vice-presidents, 12 were participants in the Prospective Senior Leaders Cohorts.  Paul was also the lead creator for InterVarsity's Managing and Leading Ethnic Diversity, a 3-day training course. Over 250 middle and senior managers went through the course in a recent three-year period. 

Colleen Caskey

Colleen's Background

Colleen comes to MELD with 12+ years of working with college athletes in the areas of leadership development, positive team culture, and helping athletes engage with race and justice issues on campus and in our country.  A former college athlete, Colleen played volleyball at the University of Delaware, where she earned her degree in economics.  In 2016, she was inducted into the University of Delaware Hall of Fame, and also spent a brief stint coaching at her alma mater.  Colleen is a Certified Facilitator in Unconscious Bias from the Cultural Intelligence Center.  She has developed and led multiple cultural immersion programs, taking students to South Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.  She currently resides in northern Virginia with her husband.

Juliann Mancini

Juliann's Background

Juliann is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring MELD’s media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and send out relevant, digital tools to collegiate athletic departments across the country. Her hope is to see the collegiate athletic department have its “finger-on-the-pulse” when it comes to racial issues as well as have this department lead these conversations on campus and beyond! She values creating tools that are dynamic, have a  healthy approach, and are easy-to-use to grow in our cross-cultural competency.

Juliann graduated from Rider University and earned a bachelor's in Mathematics in 2017.  She was NCAA Division 1 Track and Field athlete that specialized in sprints/hurdles and was recognized all four years on the All-Academic Team. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband.