Stepping Stones to Racial Awareness

In this short video clip, Paul introduces an activity that will help you identify the life events and experiences that have profoundly shaped who you are today.

When Racial Tension Strikes

In this short video clip, Paul Tokunaga, MELD’s founder and president, shares about a racial episode his family encountered in their neighborhood and how they handled it.

Training Video #1: Why Ethnicity Matters

Paul Tokunaga introduces MELD and makes the case for why ethnicity matters. Watch it now!

Training Video #2: Stepping Stones Exercise

This video includes a valuable training tool that will help you understand your own ethnic identity better, and help you lead your team in an engaging and challenging exercise.

Training Video #3: Life-Changing Training

In video #3 of MELD's free training, Paul makes the case for MELD's life-changing training.

Training Video #4: Preparing Teams to Thrive

In this final video of MELD's free training, Paul introduces MELD's first digital training product. Learn why it will make a difference in the lives of your teams and individual student athletes, and when it is available.